Why do I teach yoga? (My Philosophy)
Yoga combines a physical and mental practice, giving you intangible wellness benefits. The practice takes dedication and consistency, but it’s designed in a way that ANYONE CAN do it, and everyone WILL benefit. There are no prerequisites, required size, shape, or weight.  

My first yoga class was 8 years ago and it was AWFUL!  I had an interest, jumped into a class at my local gym and felt completely out of place.  A year later I reluctantly tried again and had an amazing experience and I’ve been developing my practice ever since.

What are some of the proven benefits of Yoga?

-Reduce stress and anxiety
-Increase strength and flexibility and balance
-Reduce inflammation
-Reduce or eliminate back pain
-Improve sleep
-Improve your overall quality of life
-Lower blood pressure
-Increase mindfulness and mindful eating habits