This is something you are definitely going to want to be a part of!

Have you struggled with healthy eating choices?

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the information posted on the internet?

Are you trying to lose weight, reduce your blood pressure, or lower your cholesterol?

Do you do better with a support group to help motivate and encourage you?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then you’re going not going to want to miss my FREE 14-day plant-based challenge. 

This is a LIVE online event that takes place from

Monday, November 5 – Monday, November 19th

The challenge is centered around eating more plant-based food to improve your overall health and wellness.

I’ve utilized what I’ve called a “primarily plant-based diet” for the last few years, slowly eliminating more and more animal protein.  I’m challenging myself and my family to go completely plant-based which means, for us, giving up fish and dairy.

It will be up to you to decide exactly how you will challenge yourself during these two weeks.

During this live challenge, we’ll connect through a closed Facebook group to share recipes, snap photos of our amazing meals, share videos of our triumphs (and fails), and report newly discovered tips and tricks throughout the two weeks.

Additionally, I’ll provide access to some of my favorite plant-based recipes, and inspirational documentaries to keep you motivated and learning each day of the challenge.

We’ll also check in twice as a group using video conferencing through Zoom. I’ll be available to answer any questions, provide guidance, offer resources, and explain any other details you may need to start.

The first check-in is on Monday, November 5th, at 4pm EST, the second on Monday, November 19th, at 4pm EST.  I’ll be sure to send a recording, just incase anyone misses it.

Be sure to save your spot today, I’ll see you on Monday, November 5that our first video check-in. 

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