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Welcome to Zealot Wellness.  My name is Heather Behr and I started this practice with one thing in mind, INSPIRING CHANGE.  

Zealot Wellness is founded in the belief that education is the best way to motivate and empower a community to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyle behaviors. 
By incorporating nutrition, yoga, and mindfulness education and training into my wellness programs, I see improvements not only in physical health but also mental health as we begin to bridge the gap between the mind and body.

Education and Training:  I completed my master’s degree in biomedicine, focusing on age-related diseases and metabolism.  During my studies, I was intrigued with the influence nutrition and stress had over chronic disease, and sought further exploration into nutrition based science and integrative medicine.  Currently, I am finishing the final stage of my PhD, investigating the associations between self-care practices and dietary prudence (ABD).  I am qualified to educate, teach, and train all things related to  nutrition, biomedicine, yoga, and mind-body medicine.


Certified Functional Nutritionist; Saybrook University, California
Certified Integrative Wellness Coach; Saybrook University, California
Certified International Yoga Teacher; Yoga Body, RYT-200, Barcelona
Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner; CMBM

Live a LONG, HEALTHY life.

Lower your stress, lose weight,  eliminate your risk of chronic diseases.  Are you ready to take control of your health?  Start your journey today with a FREE intro to WELLNESS session.